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The elegance is physical

Technology is all part of the fun of an active lifestyle. The sleek look of the endolite bladeXT makes it stand out. The design is all about opportunity: the opportunity to look good, train hard and expand our thinking about taking part in new activities. It's a compelling piece of kit because it allows us to love our sport and plan our progress. It's not just elegant, it's physical.

endolite bladeXT sleek design
Adrian Heathfield on endolite bladeXT
The experience compelling

"Using the bladeXT has initially knocked over 2 minutes 20 seconds off of my 5k time. My quickest was at an ITU Paraduathlon in France and started with a 5k run which I did in 19 minutes 45 seconds. My target is to be under 19 minutes this year. In the long term there are no limits time-wise... I think on the blade XT this is very possible, it's just a case of training, progression and learning the biomechanics of the blade and how to use it, I'm still learning! Making the Paralympic team in 2016 is still the overriding goal! I love racing!"

Engagement and Response

The bladeXT's traction heel™ works like a loading spring to support a natural bio-mechanical posture and assist progression. Right from initial contact the heel actively participates in forward propulsion; it also enables knee flexion and prevents hyperextension. Working in partnership, the super responsive twin toe delivers excellent running efficiency.


The C-shaped twin toe with extended toe-off support, balances low weight with tailored spring response at all speeds. The added ground feel with the traction heel enables fast yet safe running on slopes and rough ground. Deceleration is also controlled because the heel supports the body during changes of direction or at the end of a run.

Inspired Style

The sculpted look of the bladeXT and high performance paint finish form part of the inspiration that compels users to really try for the next level in their sport. Technology that creates a "Wow" response at the gym and in training just makes sport more fun to do!

Clinical Benefits

BladeXT design includes an A/P slide pyramid connection which gives clinicians instant and total control of alignment so that the foot can be optimised for greatest performance results. The limb length compression compensation at set-up, requires a 10mm- 15mm addition, which maintains a bio-mechanically symmetrical height. The design of the extended toe supports body posture in a wide range of activities.

Bio-mimetic Foot Control

Foot physiology ensures that we maintain good terrain engagement so that the muscles fire appropriately and efficiently to balance our posture. The blade's extra length toe, combined with the spring compression pattern, results in more powerful forward progression as energy is released. The bladeXT design reinforces natural running motion, in which the more upright posture reduces strain on the back and shoulders.

Sports Optimisation

Your preferred sport may include race, racquet, bat, ball or cross training and whatever your fitness goals, it is certain that your health goals will include enjoyment without stress or injury. The endolite bladeXT has a sports optimised toe and a heel that support postural safety even in extreme manoeuvres but also gets you to the gym or ground in style, no need for a transition limb!

Technical Specification
Selection Guide
Max. user weight: 166kg
Activity level: 3-4
Spring range: 1-9
Component weight: 850g
Build height: 250mm (female)
230mm (male)
Heel height: 10mm
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